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See offers. Swimming pool The hotel has a large themed swimming pool surrounded by palm trees, a Jacuzzi and a fantastic heated indoor swimming pool. Activities Beach volleyball and pool volleyball, aquagym, aerobic gymnastics… A large selection of sports and entertainment programmes for all ages. Join Club VIP. Skip to content Home Uncategorized Pub liberal almeria.

Buscar cerca de Pub Liberal Noches. Donde Puedo Conocer Mujeres Yahoo. And if in the future e-Life could design your life La violencia del lugar se encarna en ellos.

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The violence of the place manifests itself through them. Nadia embarks on a canoe with the intention of going anywhere else north of where he wants to escape. A journey where you will discover the lack of solidarity of human beings. Javier goes to a repository in a polygon where his parents rented a storage room to store the furniture in the family home.

After ten years of contract expires.

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The famous puppet , who always seems to be in good spirits , is accompanied by a curious message of optimism : Ferrol Roolz. Hollywood, Para Jungle Jenna, debe aterrorizar a la actriz principal perdida en una selva falsa. Henry Corso performs a costumed gorilla on horror movies and adventure movies. For Jungle Jenna, he must terrorize the leading actress lost in a fake jungle.

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But scaring the woman he desires is going to be particularly tricky for the gorilla man. Boni Garcia sees a world that is present, but of which we have not even become aware. One day Boni will find some broken tiles on the pavement that seem to hide something She receives the power to see into the past of people, and that will force her out of her introversion.

Los Angeles, The streets have become a hotbed of racial tension and hate about to burst Today is an important day for Eladio: he is going to avenge the death of his older brother. Within minutes he will find out that he is not the only one who has reasons to kill someone. Paul International Film Festival. Call door to door without success, until he opens a rather heterogeneous and disparate community that Jonas will regain the joy of living. A terrorist of E. Chema is a Spanish ex-patriot architect who lives in Amsterdam.

He has rebuilt his life there creating clockwork toys from recycled objects.

In her quest to be accepted by the popular girls in her class, Sofia finds herself sacrificing her true friendships and morals. Whoever said that teenage girls were innocent… well, they were so wrong! Rodrigo works as a carpenter in the suburbs of Seville, in southern Spain. The return of his friend Carlos will take him into a journey through the places of his recent past. Olga is a Spanish actress who is forced to travel to London due to a lack of work in Spain. She describes her situation regarding work, and that of her friends, who also were forced to emigrate.

A world-renowned astronomer cuts himself off from society. But their mission is threatened when Shane reveals his attraction for Frankie.

For her, there is no room for feelings when it comes to a mission. Luna y Diego son los guardias de seguridad del parking. Luna and Diego are the parking lot security guards.

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Diego does the night shift, and Luna works by day. Hasta que ocurre un malentendido… Washington - September 13, History is being made! Except for one last wrinkle to iron out Starting Over is the story of a mother and son who are faced with an extreme situation, and to remedy it they have to rethink everything they have had until then.

Kalat Nissa Film Festival. Projection Courte. A suspicious wife confronts her husband when he arrives home late. Yaadi decide reparar el condenado techo por su cuenta. Approaching the rainy season, Yaadikoone, a nine-year-old boy, accidentally brokes his houses roof with hissoccer ball. Yaadi decides to fix himself this damned roof. Ramon, a parent, lives for his work until his body begins to fail. Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, all predictions suggest that within a year will not even be able to walk a metres.

Ramon decides to stand up to life participating in the toughest sporting event on the planet. With the help of his wife and his grumpy father-in-law, Ramon starts a peculiar training program in which he will fight against its limitations, showing to the world that giving up is never an option. Carlos is a writer immersed in his last novel. It deals about the life of Angel, a serial killer. Carlos has the opportunity to interview him.

After this, on the way home, Carlos receives a call from the police notifying him that Angel has suicided in his cell. Carlos life begin to change. A large multinational company has been shaken by the suicide of three of its employees. Sofia Cuevas, a senior official of the company, is responsible for carrying out an internal investigation to try to clarify what happened. In her meetings with the workers she will discover abuses of power, covered-up lies and a sick atmosphere in the workplace.

While enjoying a meal outdoors, the play becomes a pretext, and what they share are their own lives, their souls, their own fears and dreams, as they had never done so before After 8 years in prison, Curro gets out with the idea of starting a new life with his family. But he will meet Jose, who is going to alter his plans. This stranger will force to him to confront old ghosts from the past.

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Cine al aire libre, a la luz de las estrellas, con el aliciente de tener como presentadoras a los directores de las cintas. With the aim of diversifying Almeria International Film Festival events throughout the whole year, it was decided the take films participating in the Debut Feature Film Competition to different parts of the province this summer.

Outdoor cinema, by the light of the stars, with the added attraction of having the directors presenting their own films. The work was real success with the audiences and after winning the event in Almeria was enshrined in the Goya Awards with the statuettes for New Director and Revelation Actor. It presented by its young director who was also nominated for the Goya. A film-packed summer that has helped to discover new Spanish motion picture talent. Tienen una amistad incondicional, se conocen desde que pueden recordar y juntos han descubierto lo que saben acerca de la vida.

Dario, a boy of sixteen, enjoys life with his neighbour and soulmate, Luismi. They have an unconditional friendship, they have known each other since they can remember and together they have discovered what they know about life. Things that go wrong can always get worse. That is the rule that torments the Fayos brothers who are in severe financial straits. Spurred on by an unscrupulous lawyer, they try an express kidnapping of a wealthy builder during the tumultuous Cipotegato Fiesta.

Para ello, elabora una lista con los requisitos fundamentales para serlo, se da cuenta de que no cumple ninguno de ellos y se propone hacer todo lo posible para cumplirlos. To do this, she makes a list of the key requirements, she realizes that she does not meet any of them and intends to do everything possible to achieve her objective. Rocio barely has enough to eat. The fear of losing custody of Adrian, her eight-year-old son, leads her to pretend to lead a normal life. However, the situation gets worse when the landlord, himself heavily in debt, takes her to court because she is in arrears with her rent.

Now time is running against her and a solution seems impossible to find. Son propuestas muy distintas que demuestran la diversidad de un sector en auge. It is also aimed at other creators who have moved to our province from different areas around the country. In this activity the audience is able to enjoy 26 very different short films spanning all genres from comedy to drama, including documentaries and even dark comedy.

Very different proposals showing the diversity of a booming sector. Over three days, during which the emblematic Cervantes Theatre will once again been recovered, spectators will be able to discover the short films which were entered in the competition in , but, were unfortunately not selected for the official section due to the fact there were over films from all over the world. Tabernas Desert, long shots in one take, interspersing scenes in colour, with black and white.

Old trees framing a spectacular setting. The red, yellow, and green tones make up a palette of shades that form the basis of the film with music as the thread. Antonia and Enrique have been married for 20 years and their life has turned into an unbearable routine in which they are constantly arguing and share virtually nothing. Culete de fresa nombre en clave en las redes sociales , acude a una cita a ciegas en un laberinto. Strawberry Bottom codename on social networks , goes to a blind date in a maze. Exhibition of 25 photographs, taken using the same technical parameters, incorporated into a virtual museum in 3D, imitating the aesthetics of cyberspace, and following an unusual route.

Muchos conocen la leyenda, pero no la verdadera historia Black and white pictures of Tabernas Desert, showing the amazing scenery, contrasting with spectacular sunsets.