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Bike Carrier, drinking water tank, WC, sink and shower, hot water and heating, full kitchen, refrigerator with freezer, awning, cable connection, drinking water hose, parking wedges, radio with USB.

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They have large comfortable beds, complete toilet washbasin, toilet and shower , hot water, heating, air conditioning in cabin, kitchen, refrigerator and freezer, awning, bicycle rack, etc. Guests can bring cleaning utensils inside, dishes plastic , pillows, sheets and towels.

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The kitchen, refrigerator, freezer, heating and hot water work with the propane gas cylinders that we provide. The electricity works with one of the batteries of the motorhome. If you unload, you can recharge with the engine started or connecting the motorhome to the network v in campgrounds and service areas for motorhomes. There is a water tank approximately l for the kitchen, shower and washbasin that is used to fill the gray water tank. The sewage is the toilet tank. We provide everything needed for normal operation electricity cables, level wedges, hose, bicycle rack, awning, gas cylinders, chemical liquid, radio cd, etc.

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Tweets about " rarebirdspain". Rarebirdspain supports Pelagicus Follow pelagicusorg for seabird photos and ID ideas. Calima storm influx. Recent Reports: Latest sightings. What is this? Next month. Rarities individuals reported so far this month. Gibraltar rarities. The only comprehensive easy-to-read website plus archive on rare birds in Spain Recent Reports: Latest sightings What is this? Spatula discors. Mareca americana. Anas carolinensis. Anser albifrons flavirostris. Mergus merganser. Egretta gularis.

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