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Presently, the demand of this kind of products seems to be growing and global figures point that this kind of fruits and vegetables are the only ones showing sustained growth in crisis times.

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But the truth is rather different. Our company marketed from forty to sixty tonnes of organic banana a week, but today we market nothing and there is no apparent demand in the market. If we take a look at the concept of retailer of organic produce, we see that they offer almost no fresh produce due to slow rotation, supplying products with longer shelf-.

Presently, the markets whose demand remained unchanged are those in Northern Europe, such as the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Germany. These countries stood against price increases due to the low elasticity of organic produce, and sale predictions with a view to point at similar results to those of But by the last meeting we had with our main customer in Switzerland, they were already suffering the consequences of the crisis. San Isidro a Campohermoso, km 9. Manager: Jean - Claude Mathaly Ctra. Nacional km 1.

Central, 6. Horado Blanco. Chairman: Manuel Vaquero Pol. El Horcajo.

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Low prices ruin Spanish citrus agriculture Citrus fruits are the main agricultural produce worldwide and production exceeds million tonnes. The same happens in our country, with 6 to 7 million tonnes of production and over , hectares of farmland. Citrus fruits are therefore the flagship of our trade of fruits and vegetables in foreign markets, but the sector is undergoing tough times as many other sectors are, due to the hard pressure on prices made by distribution, which prevents producers and marketers from making profit.

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Low prices ended with a significant fall of prices paid to growers despite the good quality of fruit and the good development of exports. If we compare the prices registered in Andalusia during the fiftieth week December in with the same time in , we observe a significant fall: Regarding lemon, price increase is justified by the fall of production that has been confirmed by official bodies.

The sector is therefore living complicated times and turning its sight into export markets. The decrease of exports of grapefruit answers to certain extent to the fact. On the opposite, as stated by people from Ailimpo, other destinations like Russia appear to be very promising.

It is also worth mentioning the differences between exports of tangerine and orange, 4. The peak of this fruit comes partly due to the lack of competitors, unlike what happens to orange, and to the fact that tangerine is better marketed because of its small size and lower price per unit, which adapts better to new family economies. Other open fronts Controlling prices at source seems utopic and so has the sector stated many times. Second, prices are fixed by other players than producers or marketers.

As we showed in our special issue on citrus fruits last December, many justify the hard pressure made on the source as a consequence of the crisis, which leads to an unsustainable situation for the whole sector. Further organisation and transparency of each and every player in the chain would help to set a starting point from which everyone would make larger profit from this produce.

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Citrus congress As a reflection of the importance of Spain in the sector worldwide, Valencia hosted the 12th International Citrus Congress, where experts from all over the world discussed and shared current aspects and trends for the years to come. Research on varieties seems to be one of the most dynamic branches, all this despite the limited earnings of the sector. The search for new, more resistant plants, involving lower costs per hectare, with a broader commercial calendar, and above all, adapted to the needs of new consumers is a line on which the sector must keep working.

Three aspects to improve: management, production, and brand Joan Mir. Anecoop is presently working on three big issues: management, product, and brand. Obviously, these all involve a significant extent of innovation.

The sector of fruits and vegetables has been facing a worrying concern for a while: the atomisation of supply against concentration of demand. This unbalance makes us pretty difficult to negotiate on equal terms, which translates into low prices campaign after campaign.

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So low that they are sometimes even below production costs. Balancing the situation depends to a great extent on our capacity to join forces. Anecoop encourages partner cooperatives to merge their management, for this would bring many competitive advantages. And we would go alongside with them throughout the whole process, if necessary. We must bank on business formulae that allowed for management simplification and further concentration of supply.

Examples of this are Grupo Empresarial Interno, Grupo Persimon or Plataforma de Hortalizas, business groups created within Anecoop, on which we keep banking firmly. Regarding product, we bear clear in our mind that our growth strategy must be planned together with distribution. Both of us need each other to be able to offer consumers what they wish, and innovation here is a key issue for us both, as this will enable us to distinguish ourselves from our competitors.

We work joint on.

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The latest investments in the future are on one hand our range of convenience fruit salads Clink! We keep banking on promoting our brand Bouquet in national and international markets, associated to both the product and the values that are our sign of identity and our brand represents. CV, km 9. Main product: Citrus, summer fruit, seasonnal fruit, vegetables and berries Production volume: Finca Casa blanca. Sevilla-Ayamonte km. San Francisco Javier, 24, planta 3.

Yearly turnover: 8. Sevilla - Ayamonte, km ,5. Fortuna, km 7. N km El Garrotal, Manager: Juan Antonio Almenara Pol. Chairman: D. Chairman: Sr. Vives Manager: Sr.

Guarner Commercial Director: Sra. Wesche Pol. Chairman: Juan E. Chairman: AgroCap Invest. Chairman: Lorenzo Alberola Vidal Ctra. Correos, TECNIDEX, specialists in post-harvest health products, technologies, and services for fruits and vegetables, has nowadays the most comprehensive range to help producers and traders of these products to supply healthy, quality goods to the markets. That is, it brings new solutions as for hygiene, disinfection, coating, treatments, and technologies for the sector of fruits and vegetables, which optimise the processes that guarantee quality and food safety, and which build the most comprehensive catalogue of post-harvest health products at the international level.

This method enabled them to market 20, plus tonnes of fruits and vegetables through a dozen of distribution chains in the European Union, Eastern Countries, Asia and the United States last year. Production shrinkage in the main producer regions was due to weather incidents not being reflected in settlements to growers. The start of the campaign was promising as for prices but the scarce production resulted in insufficient profit.

Despite release to the market was staggered, average prices at origin were not as expected. Most of production was destined to export markets and the worth of exports significantly increased over the previous year for some products graph 2. Even though, the sector must achieve further internationalisation of stone fruit, in particular products like apricots and plum, which has been less developed up to the moment, in order to make them more profitable and for the sector to keep believing in their competitiveness, given that these products are widely acknowledged in the.

These figures are however more positives in Spain. Fruit consumption in Spain As we stated, fruit consumption increased in Spanish households, by 2. Volume hit 4. Amongst the fruits whose consumption increased the most there is apricot, with On the other hand, cherry consumption fell by Regarding expenditure, the most significant increase was experienced by apricot In this case, despite consumption increase, expenditure fell by 0.

After one year in which the E. It is up to the sector whether it leaves its future to fate or takes control of its development. Jacques Dasque. These problems are the result of the lack of research and innovation initiatives in the sector. Production of fruits and vegetables in Europe is very fragmented, and its capacity to mobilise collective funding for these aspects is weak and insufficient. We need other kind of agronomical research varieties, plant protection, etc. In the field of innovation exists a network of technical institutes and research centres, Chambers of Agriculture, whose function is to be the link between basic research and its implementation by producers.

Palau km. Velasco C.

Director: Rupert F. Maude Crta. Alhama - Cartagena km 2,5. Commercial and Marketing Director at GrupActel Innovation in the sector of fruits and vegetables is essential, but not only regarding the launch of new packaging or formats to make products more attractive to end consumers. Offering new flavours, colours, and textures is essential nowadays if we want to keep the more and more demanding consumers alert, as consumption habits have changed.

The sector of stone fruits and pomes is one of the most dynamic when it comes to launch products. This fruit joins our productions of peach, nectarine, cherry, and so on, which allows for complete production and commercialisation of stone fruits 40, tonnes , one of our strengths in the market. But our production of pomes is also significant, over 60, tonnes, with pears ranking first 35, tonnes and apples second 25, tonnes. Although all our fruit enjoys an excellent image in the markets as quality product, pears stand out on shelves nowadays for their texture, sweetness, and excellent organoleptic quality in general.

Gomes Pereira Ctra, Nacional km. V Chairman: Vicente E. Director: Gema Ramos Ctra. Cruz Negra Director: Miquel Quilez Crta. Vallmanya km. We think that a possible solution could involve on one hand optimising processes, on field and in house, through innovation; that is, doing the same but using less resources.