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Other follow-up projects aim at making agriculture and market systems work for landless, marginal and smallholder farmers, and address under-nutrition in young children and women. The EU also regularly launches calls for proposals for NGOs active in the area of food and nutrition security. The Government of Bangladesh has stated that it would welcome an EU observation mission and such a mission has already been included in this year's financial planning. She has written to the Foreign Minister in the same vein. The project on strengthening election management is expected to reinforce the Bangladesh Election Commission's BEC planning and training capacities and to support its activities, including the preparation and dissemination of an updated voter list including photographs; provision of technical advice on boundary limitation; training of election officials; preparation of codes of conduct for the media, political parties and BEC staff; and enhancing voter education generally.

Could the Commission indicate whether it has plans to publish proposals for EU companies operating in third countries, similar to those it has forwarded to Parliament and the Council for CSR within the single market? Does the Commission support the idea of the creation of an award scheme for CSR conduct of European companies operating outside the single market, similar to the one proposed for companies operating inside the EU? The Commission has deliberately chosen to keep a non-prescriptive approach to CSR.

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The focus is on already existing, internationally recognised, CSR guidelines and principles. It is not about judging enterprises' behaviour as. The national awards should focus on partnerships between an enterprise and at least one other non-business stakeholder for example, a group of customers, a non-governmental organisation, or a public authority.

It is not excluded that these partnerships take an external dimension. The Commission has no intention to create a separate award scheme with a focus only on this external dimension.

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Nuo m. The majority of lessons in ethnic minority schools, where teaching should be carried out in the native language, are therefore given in two languages. Thus, of the 12 Lithuanian ethnic minority schools the Polish Government will leave only three, while pupils from the closed schools will be transferred to Polish schools. It follows that matters concerning education in minority languages fall within the competence of national authorities and should therefore be addressed at national level.

Avser kommissionen att protestera kraftfullt mot Israels behandling av palestinska barn? Children are taken from their homes in the middle of the night by heavily armed soldiers, are hand-tied and blindfolded and taken to a police station. They are denied food and water and subjected to interrogation, during which they suffer physical and mental abuse, without the presence of a lawyer or family members. Unicef also published a list of 38 recommendations that could improve the situation. The points made include recommendations that arrests should be conducted during daylight, that information should be provided concerning the reasons for the arrest, that the use of hand-tying and blindfolding should be prohibited and that interrogations should take place in the presence of a lawyer or family member.

In light of this frightening Unicef report, can the Commission answer the following questions:. Does it intend to demand that Israel follow the 38 recommendations put forward by Unicef? Does it intend to suspend the trade agreement with Israel until further notice, as it is now clear that, with this treatment of children, Israel is committing a serious violation of human rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child? The EU has repeatedly voiced its concerns about the treatment of Palestinian children in the Israeli judicial and detention system.

Palestinian minors do not enjoy the same level of protection as is provided for under Israel's Youth Law or required by international law. The new military order No. The EU has repeatedly conveyed its concerns about these practices in the framework of its regular political and human rights dialogue with Israel. The report will also provide information on the outcomes of the implementation of the directive.

The report will be based on the European Commission's analysis of the implementation of the directive supported by two studies carried out for the Commission, on the consumer credit market and on the regulatory choices made by the Member States when implementing the directive. The information campaign will be launched in Spain, Ireland and Malta before summer , and subsequently in Cyprus.

This may include policy advice for improving competition in product and services markets such as regulated professions or construction , further reducing the tax burden on labour or simplifying employment legislation. The Commission makes a proposal for the Council for policy advice to Member States and to the euro area as a whole.

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The Commission monitors the implementation of the policy advice throughout the year. The assessment of policy reforms in each Member State is included in the Staff Working Documents that accompany the Commission's proposal for policy advice for the following year. In preparation of this assessment, the Commission is contact with Member States, to collect data and information. The final recommendations are adopted by the Council, which is under the responsibility to explain in public, for example in economic dialogue with the European Parliament, the motivation of the changes which it has introduced to the Commission proposals.

The Commission formulates policy advice with concrete measures and deadlines for the policy steps. To what extent will the changes bring about the increases described? Has a numerical estimate of these increases been made? The number of client contacts and the resulting placements and recruitments are expected to increase thanks to the extension of the EURES network to new actors and the expanded basis for matching that will follow from that. No numerical estimates have been made. The programming and monitoring cycle that is being established will include common indicators to measure outputs and outcomes.

Moreover, Member States will be invited to share in the network other information available at national level, in particular with public employment services, on results relating to mobility, including of a qualitative nature.

The revamped and improved EURES portal will be introduced to the public gradually, in several steps, from the end of and over the coming years, according to a project plan that was established in cooperation with the EURES network. The aim of the Commission is to start the exchange of information in accordance with this framework as from calendar year However, my question concerned not only those who may still be able to take part but also those who are excluded from new technologies and are likely to remain so.

It is therefore important to know in what way services will continue to be made accessible to them in the future. Does the Commission not agree that the interests of those who are less able to use the Internet should be considered and that their access to services and communication should not be limited in practical terms? Is it aware of, or prepared to evaluate, the levels of information exclusion in the European Union and the risk of excluding the elderly from active participation in the public arena and from social interaction using this network?

The Commission agrees all citizens should have equitable access to key services in society. The Commission has no evidence that citizens are excluded from existing off-line services or will be so in the near future , because of the introduction of online versions of these services. To guarantee the availability of off-line services in the public domain, or preventing increase of exclusion from these, falls under responsibility of the Member States.

The Commission through Eurostat regularly monitors the evolution in Internet use in the Member States including by older people, which is a key source of information for further policy development. The Commission is looking forward to continue working with the European Parliament and the Council on this issue. Will the proposal significantly improve data protection and the ability of the competent authorities and subjects of breached data to protect themselves adequately and swiftly against such breaches? At present, EU-wide harmonised rules on the notification of personal data breaches exist only for providers of electronic communications services e.

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This obligation is laid down in the revised ePrivacy Directive, which has been implemented into the national law of all Member States. Ultimately this should give individuals more trust in the digital environment and provide enhanced legal certainty for business. Rules for commercial air transport with hot-air balloons, i. Consultations with the Members States on the proposed measure are coming to an end. In both cases, Member States will have up to three years to transition from national to EU standards.

Therefore, the Commission intends to put forward a proposal for its revision. What support has it received from Member States, Universities, cultural institutions and civil society? Estas incluem regras de higiene e listas de ingredientes autorizados, incluindo os aditivos. O Regulamento CE n. Is there not a serious risk that prior to slaughter these animals may have ingested products that could be harmful to humans? They include hygiene rules and lists of allowed ingredients including additives.

Moreover, the responsibility for enforcing food chain legislation lies with Member States, which are required to establish a system of official controls to verify compliance by operators with requirements deriving therefrom. The Commission monitors delivery by the Member States of their control duties, including through on-the-spot audits. In the case referred to, the official controls systems established by the Member States allowed them to identify violations of applicable rules.

So far, there is no reason to believe that the official controls systems established in Member States are ineffective. The same goes for the controls the Commission carries out to verify those systems. No entanto, paralelamente, podem ser utilizadas outras vias. As illegal downloads and file sharing are ever increasing and are threatening intellectual property rights and the survival of the industry, what additional measures will the Commission take to reduce these practices? Bearing in mind national courts and tribunals, how can online piracy best be tackled?

Does the Commission have an alternative proposal, should the European Court consider that ACTA violates any of the abovementioned basic rights? The Commission has the right of initiative to propose measures at EU level in the field of intellectual property, including therefore measures against illegal downloading and file sharing.

These actions include the stakeholder dialogue Licences for Europe to help find practical solutions to enhance legal access to creative content online. National courts and tribunals have the primary responsibility in applying national law. However, there can also be other remedies which can be run in parallel. Currently, the Commission is reviewing the results of its online public consultation on civil IP enforcement.

It is considering a communication explaining whether and, if so, how it might adjust the current legislation in the IP enforcement field. Will the Commission create an information point where central, regional and local governments can find out about EU preservation and maintenance funds and projects as the Portuguese media has shown it is unaware of such support? The conservation and preservation of cultural heritage is the responsibility of individual Member States. Through its Culture Programme , the Commission provides support to cultural cooperation projects, including in the field of cultural heritage, involving operators from different Member States.

Local and regional authorities can participate. In its proposal for the new Creative Europe programme , the Commission will continue to provide such support.

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In addition, the Commission actively supports other actions seeking to highlight European cultural heritage, such as the European Heritage Days, jointly managed with the Council of Europe, the European Heritage Label and the European Union Prize for Cultural heritage. The future Creative Europe programme will also provide such assistance through a network of Creative desks that will be established.

Will the Commission present any further special schemes for tackling youth unemployment using EU funds? Will the Commission reassess the Portuguese proposal to use co-financing to pay for voluntary redundancies? Special early retirement schemes are not part of the Package. In addition to the YEI, the Commission proposal for the ESF Regulation for the forthcoming programming period includes a dedicated ESF investment priority for the sustainable labour-market integration of young people who are neither in employment nor in education or training NEETs.

Member States with high youth unemployment rates are expected to identify young unemployed persons and.