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Moreover, a homologous episomal-expression system was devised and used to express an epitope—tagged LmexCht1 chimeric construct in these parasites. Such transfectants were also evaluated for their infectivity both in human macrophages in vitro and in two different strains of mice. Results of those experiments demonstrated that the LmexCht1 transfectants survived significantly better in human macrophages and also produced significantly larger lesions in mice than control parasites. Taken together, our results indicate that the LmexCht1-chimera afforded a definitive survival advantage to the parasite within these mammalian hosts.

Thus, the LmexCht1 could potentially represent a new virulence determinant in the mammalian phase of this. Central nervous system effects and chemical composition of two subspecies of Agastache mexicana ; an ethnomedicine of Mexico. Agastache mexicana subspecies mexicana Amm and xolocotziana Amx are used in Mexican traditional medicine to relief cultural affiliation syndromes known as "susto" or "espanto", for "nervous" condition, and as a sleep aid. Despite its intensive use, neuropharmacological studies are scarce, and the chemical composition of the aqueous extracts has not been described.

Aims of the study are: 1 To analyze the chemical composition of aqueous extracts from aerial parts of Amm and Amx. Anxiolytic-like and sedative effects were measured in the avoidance exploratory behavior, burying behavior and the hole-board tests. The antidepressant-like actions were studied in the forced swimming and tail suspension tests. Finally, general activity and motor coordination disturbances were evaluated in the open field, inverted screen and rota-rod tests.

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The acute toxicity of Amm and Amx was determined by calculating their LD50 mean lethal dose. Low doses of Amm and Amx 0.

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Results support the use of Amm and Amx in traditional medicine as tranquilizers and sleep inducers. Additionally, this paper contributes to the knowledge of the chemical composition of the aqueous extracts of these plants. A special focus of analysis are the articles signed by physician Carlos Costa, main editor and founder of the periodical.

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After introducing the newspaper, the text goes on to highlight the fight in favor of breastfeeding, which was a highly notable topic aimed at educating women to fulfill their maternal roles in accordance with hygienic parameters. It then discusses how the fact that most wet nurses were slaves influenced arguments against mercenary breastfeeding.

Lastly, it analyzes a story published in the newspaper, which narrates the misfortunes of a captive wet nurse. Molleda, Lourdes; Bahamon, Monica; St.

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George, Sara M. Introduction The purpose of this qualitative study was to understand the feasibility and acceptability of implementing eHealth Familias Unidas, an Internet-based, family-based, preventive intervention for Hispanic adolescents, in primary care. Methods Semistructured individual interviews with clinic personnel and facilitators i. Discussion This study provides feasibility and acceptability findings, along with important considerations for researchers and primary care personnel interested in collaborating to implement an eHealth preventive intervention in pediatric primary care.

In this paper, we show the results of investigating the presence of organochlorine pesticides in honey and pollen samples from managed colonies of the honey bee, Apis mellifera L.

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Three colonies of each species were moved into each of two sites. Three samples of pollen and three samples of honey were collected from each colony: the first collection occurred at the beginning of the study and the following ones at every six months during a year.

Thus the total number of samples collected was 36 for honey 18 for A. We found that Despite the short foraging range of S. Paradoxically we found a small number of organochlorines in pollen samples of S. Se hizo un estudio transversal en una muestra representativa de Las matrices de varianza y covarianza se compararon entre pares de perfiles usando el test modificado de Mantel. No se encontraron diferencias significativas en las cargas factoriales entre los perfiles. Yellow colored blooms of Argemone mexicana and Turnera ulmifolia mediated synthesis of silver nanoparticles and study of their antibacterial and antioxidant activity.

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  • In the present work, AgNPs were prepared using a simple bio-reduction method. This is ecologically welcoming and cost-effective method. Yellow colored blooms concentrate of Argemone mexicana and Turnera ulmifolia are used as bio reducing agents in the study. The Antibacterial action of silver nanoparticles was tested against Staphylococus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli and Klebsiella aerogenes.

    The phytochemical analysis of the blooms concentrate has shown the existence of saponins, alkaloids, amino acids, phenols, tannins, terpenoids, flavonoids and cardiac glycosides. In vitro anti-oxidant action of both A. A new species and a new record of Laccaria Fungi, Basidiomycota found in a relict forest of the endangered Fagus grandifolia var. Abstract Two species of Laccaria discovered in relicts of Fagus grandifolia var. The phylogeny obtained here showed that one of the Mexican species is nested in an exclusive clade which in combination with its striking morphological features, infers that it represents a new species, while the other species is placed as a member in the Laccaria trichodermophora clade.

    This is the first report in Mexico of Laccaria with Fagus grandifolia var. Descriptions are accompanied with illustrations of macro- and micromorphological characters and a discussion of related taxa are presented. Inner ear morphology in the Atlantic molly Poecilia mexicana --first detailed microanatomical study of the inner ear of a cyprinodontiform species. Fishes show an amazing diversity in hearing abilities, inner ear structures, and otolith morphology. Inner ear morphology, however, has not yet been investigated in detail in any member of the diverse order Cyprinodontiformes.

    The inner ear of Poecilia mexicana displays a combination of several remarkable features. The utricle is connected rostrally instead of dorso-rostrally to the saccule, and the macula sacculi, therefore, is very close to the utricle. Moreover, the macula sacculi possesses dorsal and ventral bulges.

    The two studied ecotypes of P. Our study for the first time provides detailed insights into the auditory periphery of a cyprinodontiform inner ear and thus serves a basis--especially with regard to the application of 3D techniques--for further research on structure-function relationships of inner ears within the species-rich order Cyprinodontiformes.

    We suggest that other poeciliid taxa, or even other non-poeciliid cyprinodontiforms, may display similar inner ear morphologies as described here. In it became necessary to found the Serie de Conferencias to better differentiate proceedings from refereed papers. So far there have been 58 astronomical meetings published and there are several more in store for the coming years.

    Sand flies naturally infected by Leishmania L. The surveillance of prevalent Leishmania sand fly vectors is an important issue for epidemiological studies in populated areas where leishmaniasis is endemic. In this study, we collected sand flies from a peri-urban area in the southeast of Mexico. Natural infection with Leishmania L.

    Infected Lutzomyia olmeca olmeca, Lu. Additionally, positive specimens of Lu. The infected sand flies were from primary forest subperennial forest and secondary forest years old and years old respectively. Sand flies collected with Disney and Shannon traps were the ones found to be infected with L. We conclude that the high-risk period in which L.

    Published by Elsevier Ltd. A comprehensive approach for providing behavioral health services to youth is becoming increasingly emphasized IOM, Latino youth are at increased risk for substance abuse, mental health concerns, unsafe sexual practices and HIV Prado et al. The current study examined the use of research-based strategies for reducing multiple risk behaviors in a predominantly Mexican American sample of families.

    Through a modular approach, participants engaged in a psycho-educational curriculum to enhance communication and psychosocial coping, increase substance abuse and HIV knowledge and perception of harm, and improve school behavior. Over 12 sessions, the curriculum aimed to achieve these outcomes through an overall decrease in family and community-based stress by focusing on acculturative stress. Findings indicate that communication and perception of substance use harm were significantly enhanced, while social norms regarding sexual behavior, HIV anxiety and past use of marijuana and other illegal drugs were significantly reduced.

    Careful fidelity monitoring and feedback are critical to implementing effective interventions. A wide range of procedures exist to assess fidelity; most are derived from observational assessments Schoenwald et al, We present a first step towards automated processing of linguistic patterns in fidelity monitoring of a behavioral intervention using an innovative mixed methods approach to fidelity assessment that uses rule-based, computational linguistics to overcome major resource burdens.

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    Data come from an effectiveness trial of the Familias Unidas intervention, an evidence-based, family-centered preventive intervention found to be efficacious in reducing conduct problems, substance use and HIV sexual risk behaviors among Hispanic youth. Quantitative assessments of reliability are provided. Kappa scores between a human rater and a machine rater for the new method for measuring joining reached. Early findings suggest that this approach can reduce the high cost of fidelity measurement and the time delay between fidelity assessment and feedback to facilitators; it also has the potential for improving the quality of intervention fidelity ratings.

    A wide range of procedures exist to assess fidelity; most are derived from observational assessments Schoenwald and Garland, Psycholog Assess , This computational approach focuses on "joining," which measures the quality of the working alliance of the facilitator with the family. Kappa scores between a human rater and a machine rater for the new method for measuring joining reached 0. Capital social de los padres de escolares de una zona vulnerable.

    Sex-specific local life-history adaptation in surface- and cave-dwelling Atlantic mollies Poecilia mexicana.